Individual and institutional challenges facing student-athletes

Journal of Physical Education and Sports Management Vol


One thought on “Individual and institutional challenges facing student-athletes

  1. This article provides a realistic and detailed description of the multitude of challenges student-athletes face on college campuses. The author divides the hurdles into internal factors (time constraints, career goals, college grades/freshman experience, and physical and emotional strain) and external factors (coach demands, racism and gender inequality, campus learning environment, and student-athlete eligibility demands). In order to position student-athletes to achieve academic success, the author advocates for institutions to deliberately create a learning environment that fosters social and academic integration but also emphasizes that in order for students to learn and succeed, they must accept the responsibility of dedicating their time and efforts to the pursuit of learning (student involvement theory). This article inspired me to think of innovative ways to integrate our student-athletes into the academic community and to also consider ways to integrate our faculty into the athletic community.

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